How is a job priced?

Every job is quoted by estimated time to complete the project plus material costs. There are no hidden fees. Our hourly rate is very reasonable. Feel free to give us a call to further discuss your project's electrical needs.

What if I need a Permit?

As a licensed Electrical contractor in the State of Florida, we will submit all required paperwork as required by law to obtain a permit to complete your project.

Is your company familiar with the latest in LED and lighting control technology?

Of course! We look forward to showing you lighting and control options that are both state of the art and will save energy costs as well.

Can you install equipment / fixtures that I already purchased?

Sure! Just give us a call before you buy so we can make sure you have the proper equipment.

Should I replace my FPE panel?

Yes! As soon as possible! Federal Pacific has lost their UL listing. Many homeowners insurance companies will not cover losses due to a failure of a FPE panel.